(Spader Ess Miss Grozza Virus & Izgara's Borneo)
f. 14.07.2012

Belco took another mentaltest (for grown up dogs) 31.5.2015.
He did a wonderful test. He's soscial, playful, is brave and balanced, copes well with unexpected situations,
is secure for gunshots. Lovely boy <3

Start of the test. Willingness to play and hold on to get an item

with the stranger (testleader) too

Willingness to run after end check a moving item

Willingness to run out and check a big moving object - he does ver well

The clothing pops up right in front of him. Belco takes a small turn and goes to check
it out - no problem :)

A big person comes towards him, making a social battle challenge ("Sosial kamputfordring")

When it turns from him, he can go and check it out - he does...
"Come on mum - it's safe" ;)

The item is slowly moving towards him - an intruder - Belco tells him to stop

And when it has stopped - her goes ahead and says hello

Controlling the two ghosts ;)

Beautiful boy - 2 years and 10 months <3

<3 <3

Lovely picture!

Belco a nice and clever boy :)

He likes to play

May 2014

Belco 8 weeks

Sweet little Belco 8 weeks

Belco and Birk is playing - 8 weeks

Belco have got a leave - 8 weeks

....playing is fun (8weeks)

Belco and brother Bark among the flowers - 8 weeks

Wow what's this, lets taste it ;) - 7 weeks

Hmmm got it ;) (7 weeks)

6,5 weeks - can I eat it?

5 weeks - so lovely <3

4 weeks

4 weeks :)

3 weeks