Brukbare's Athina & Fi S EE UCH No-How Xtra Large ("Easy")
was mated in Finland 9th + 10th May - We hope for puppies in July! Vi håper på flotte valper i juli! :)

Athina (photo Nina Palmu) & Easy

Love on a rainy friday afternoon ;)

I like you ! Let's get to know each other :)


Let's dance *lol*

Ready ?

Saturday dance ;)

So we are waiting now and hoping for some womderful puppies .... <3

He is beautful isn't he? (photoes Nina Palmu)

No-How Follow Me " Ipa" (5 months) and uncle Easy
(Easy is half brother with Ipas mother No-How Ups I did It)


Nina with Ipa (and Easy on the side)

Int UCH NordV-13, Helsinkivinner-13, Finsk Vinner-13 etc.... BruksCh
No-How Uncle Nemo (same mother as Easy; No-How Look At Me - he's
brother of Ipa's mother)

Nemo :)